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Investing in Tomorrow’s Healthcare Providers

NCPDP Foundation scholarships provide support to students who are seeking to learn more about pharmacy’s role in information technology, and information technology’s role in improving patient safety and health outcomes.

The NCPDP Foundation scholarship program provides financial support for promising pharmacy students who have demonstrated leadership and an interest in making a positive difference in the pharmacy profession.

2016 Scholarships

NCPDP Foundation awarded $20,000 in student scholarships to two universities.

University of Arizona College of Pharmacy:
  • Anthony Sandoval
  • Merta Cushing
University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy:
  • Mahsa Salsabili
  • Joe Vang

2015 Scholarships

In 2015, NCPDP Foundation awarded $22,000 in student scholarships to three universities.

Midwestern University College of Pharmacy:
  • Dimpa Choksi
  • Maelee Miller
  • Delia Saadeh
Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy:
  • Christina Llerena
University of Arizona College of Pharmacy:
  • Alicia Cole
  • Pearce Engender

Based on criteria established by the Foundation Board of Trustees, the Foundation Scholarship Program works directly with universities, not individual students.

Show your support for a more connected healthcare environment by making a one-time donation, or to make a monthly pledge contact Maggie Bruce at or call 480.477.1000.

"…This award will positively impact my life and the life of my family. With this scholarship, I will be able to relieve some of my financial burden and focus more on my education."
Christina Llerena, 3rd Year Pharmacy Student
Nova Southeastern University

• • •

"…By honoring these three future pharmacists, NCPDP Foundation is investing in the future. I have no doubt that these students will make a difference and positively impact not only the patients that they serve, but the profession as a whole."
Dr. Mitchell R. Emerson, Dean
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy-Glendale