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Ways to support NCPDP Foundation:

  • Make a One-time Donation
  • For a Monthly Pledge or Major Gift, contact Whitney Ellington at or 480.477.1000, Ext. 162
  • Have any questions while making your donation? You can reach out to Whitney Ellington via email Emails will receive a response within 24 business hours whenever possible.

We Will Match Your Donation

Click on the "Donate Now" button and make your donation dollars go further! Make a donation to
NCPDP Foundation and it will be automatically matched, dollar for dollar, by the NCPDP Board of Trustees’ commitment of matching funds.

Ways to Give

Have any questions while making your donation? You can reach out to Whitney Ellington via email Emails will receive a response within 24 business hours whenever possible.

Outright Donation

You can give a credit card or check donation either online or by calling our office at 480.862.1450.

1977 Society

The 1977 Society is an exclusive group of NCPDP Foundation supporters that help build sustainability into the Foundation’s ability to expand the role and value of the pharmacist, increase patient access to care, and enhance patient safety. Please take a moment to watch brief testimonies from 1977 Society members and learn more about the personal impacts the NCPDP Foundation has had on our members.

You can become a 1977 Society member today by donating a cumulative total of $1,977 in a single calendar year to the NCPDP Foundation. The total society contribution may be made in a single transaction or you may donate in smaller amounts throughout the year to total the $1,977 by year end. Through a matching funds program established by NCPDP, any donations made toward becoming a 1977 Society member will be matched. That means your $1,977 donation would be doubled through matching funds to $3,954!

As a member of this giving society, you can expect to receive a lapel pin with a sapphire for each year of membership. Upon the 10th year of completing a 1977 Society membership, donors receive a lapel pin with one diamond and nine sapphires and become a 1977 Society member in perpetuity.

Since its inception, the 1977 Society has raised over $300,000 towards making healthcare better and safer for all – and twice that when NCPDP matching funds are applied. Join the 1977 Society today and double your impact thanks to NCPDP’s matching fund!

Fry’s Community Rewards Program (for Arizona residents only)

By using your Fry’s V.I.P. Card, you can advance our patient safety initiatives. With every eligible purchase our enrolled participants make, the NCPDP Foundation receives funds to fulfill our mission. Here are the necessary steps needed to enroll:

PLEASE NOTE: You must have an email to proceed.


**NOTE: Already have an online Fry’s account, skip to #2

Go to

  • • Select 'Create an Account'.
  • • Continue with Google or fill out Name, Email Address, and create a Password.
  • • Select 'Add my current VIP card' or 'Create a new V.I.P. Card'.
  • • Enter your Fry’s V.I.P Card Number or create a new V.I.P. card number.
  • • Then select 'Create Account'.
  • • It will prompt you to 'Leave Page', this will take you to
  • • Continue to step #2 to register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program.


  • • If at, scroll to the bottom click, Fry’s Community Rewards – you are already signed in.
    • If you skipped Step 1, go to
    • Select 'Sign-In'.
    • Sign in with Google or enter your email and password then select 'sign in'.
  • • Select 'Enroll Now'
  • • Under 'Find Your Organization': Enter NCPDP Foundation or our number (KD254) before clicking on search make sure the description is selected (example: Education, Faith Based, Animal, Athletic or All) on the View by Type.
  • • Then select 'Search'.
  • • Once you have found the us click 'Enroll'

If you have registered correctly, you will see a confirmation page stating 'You have successfully enrolled in Community Rewards'