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About the Foundation
The NCPDP Foundation funds research that can transform the way your healthcare providers communicate with one another and with you, leading to better and safer healthcare. Our focus is on increasing the use of standards to make the electronic exchange of healthcare information more accurate, complete and timely.
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Research Priorities
Industry standards provide the framework for an interoperable healthcare ecosystem with better communication and coordination among everyone involved in a patient’s care. Donations to the NCPDP Foundation fund research and pilots to accelerate adoption of those standards. The priority is on projects that validate the benefits of implementing NCPDP standards that improve medication safety, timely access to needed medications, and adherence to medication therapies.
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Recent Grants
Most recently, the Foundation awarded grants for projects that will help: prevent unnecessary dispensing of controlled substances, thereby helping to abate the opioid crisis; provide prescription benefit and patient out-of-pocket cost information at the point of care to increase speed to therapy and adherence to medications; decrease adverse events that harm patients when a prescription is discontinued, but not cancelled.
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Grant Results | DTx Integration & Workflow Completed by the Digital Therapeutic Alliance

This research study aimed to determine how reimbursement pathways impact work streams and identify where standardization exists and where there are opportunities for new standards. The study identified two major payment pathways within DTx prescriptions: Medical Benefit and Pharmacy Benefit and was able to identify major pain points along the workflow and multiple NCPDP Standards in use including Telecom, SCRIPT, F&B, and RTPB. This grant supported one of the NCPDP Foundation’s pillars: Increasing Patient Access to Care. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Names CoverMyMeds as Fourth Founder’s Gift Donor

The NCPDP Foundation announced today a new partnership with CoverMyMeds to support the Foundation’s recently established fourth strategic initiative, which focuses on empowering Coordination of Care and Innovation. This initiative aims to fill existing gaps in the pharmacy industry by empowering a more interoperable approach to patient care and promote better outcomes in the healthcare ecosystem. Read More.

New Board Members Welcomed by NCPDP Foundation

The NCPDP Foundation honored three outgoing members of the Board of Trustees at the Annual Technology & Business Conference: Richard Brook, Mike Bukach, and Greg Pulido. Three new Board members have stepped into leadership roles: Robert P. Nickell, Tara Dragert, and Tony Schueth. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation’s Inaugural Pulido Award Honors Namesake’s Legacy of Pharmacy Innovation

During a special presentation at NCPDP’s Annual Technology & Business Conference, the NCPDP Foundation honored Charles Pulido and STChealth, represented by Strategic Advisor Tom Groom, with the first-ever Charles Pulido, R.Ph. Excellence Award. The yearly award will recognize the Foundation grant completed in the past year that most fully optimized the vision and purpose of the NCPDP Foundation. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Funds New Project to Streamline REMS Process for the Industry

The NCPDP Foundation, InfoWerks will lead a project aimed at streamlining data exchange for the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) plan. Supported with a $190,000 NCPDP Foundation grant, the project will rely on the REMS transaction within the NCPDP SCRIPT standard. It aims to show how the standard can significantly enhance patient safety and ease administrative burdens by reducing manual processing delays. Read More.

NCPDP’s National Facilitator Model Pilot Project Enters Second Phase

The NCPDP Foundation announced funding of phase two of its developmental efforts for the NCPDP National Facilitator Model. STChealth was granted $150,000 to continue to lead research efforts, further building on the success of the first phase of the project. The National Facilitator Model helps pharmacies, prescribers, and government agencies surveil public health and respond more effectively to pandemics and public health crises like the opioid epidemic by providing information on prescriptions, testing, immunizations, and related data in real time at multiple points of care. Read More.

Announcing the NCPDP Foundation 2023 Annual Report!

We’re excited to announce the release of the NCPDP Foundation 2023 Annual Report! Dive into our remarkable journey throughout 2023, where our passion to improve the healthcare ecosystem drives us to fund projects proving the value of NCPDP standards and leading to better outcomes for the common good of all. Dive into the full report here to gain valuable insights into our year of progress. Thank you for being part of our journey! Read More.

We are pleased to share the findings of the Quandary Peak & MedStar Health Grant Researching RxChange Request & Response Messages

NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard includes the RxChange Request and Response messages as distinct transactions to provide bi-directional communication between the prescriber and pharmacist. This research study aimed to identify workflow gaps to inform the creation of best practice recommendations for use of RxChange in bi-directional communications. The study found that RxChange transaction messages are promising to reduce administrative burden on both pharmacists and prescribers and has provided insight to NCPDP’s WG11, ePrescribing & Related Transactions and RxChange TG for future NCPDP guidance. This grant supported two of the NCPDP Foundation’s pillars: Expanding the Role & Value of the Pharmacist and Enhancing Patient Safety. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Awards $150,000 Grant to RxLive to Automate Tracking of Physician Adoption of Pharmacists’ Clinical Recommendations

The NCPDP Foundation Board of Trustees has awarded a $150,000 grant to RxLive, a provider of population health pharmacy solutions, to automate, track and quantify providers’ response to pharmacists’ clinical recommendations to measure the value of pharmacist-led interventions. The project will use NCPDP standards to automate the process of capturing providers’ acceptance of pharmacist recommendations to show the impact and value that pharmacist-led clinical interventions can have on patient care. It will aim to establish bidirectional communication for sharing data among the patient care team to coordinate care and can be used to demonstrate and document progress and performance measures for value-based arrangements. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Announces $83,000 Grant to RxEOB.Com, LLC, Marking the Foundation’s First Grant Supporting Consumer Access to Real-time Data Using NCPDP Standards

The grant will be used to fund an innovative project that will use NCPDP’s real-time standards to make it easy and convenient for consumers to view medication options, alternatives and cost information, as well as payment assistance options and the ability to select their preferred medication and pharmacy before a prescription is filled. This is the NCPDP Foundation’s first grant funding a project that uses the same NCPDP industry standards available to prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare industry participants, to bring consumers transparency and choice on prescription medications. The new, consumer-facing use of NCPDP’s industry standards can help improve medication adherence and outcomes, patient safety, and enhance efficiencies to improve the healthcare experience for patients, pharmacists, and prescribers. Read More.

Recent Grants Making a Difference! We are pleased to share the findings of two grants have now been published!

Read about Phase 1 of the Foundation’s Grant to STChealth for the Pilot Launch of NCPDP’s National Facilitator Model to Strengthen Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness & Response and Support Public Health Surveillance. Read More.

Learn about the NCPDP Foundation’s Grant to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health for RxFill: An Innovative Approach to Support Medication Adherence. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Awards $79,000 Grant to Digital Therapeutics Alliance to Address Key Barrier for Patient Access to Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutic Products

Digital Therapeutics Alliance will research current obstacles or barriers to health plan coverage of DTx therapies and develop standardized pharmacy and medical benefit workflows to show how DTx products can be integrated into benefit designs. The grant supports the NCPDP Foundation’s strategic initiative to Expand Patient Access to Care in alignment with NCPDP’s strategic goal to explore how standards can support a pharmacist’s role in digital therapeutics. Findings from the research project will also include recommendations for enhancements to existing NCPDP standards or a new NCPDP standard to support DTx products. Read More.

NCPDP Foundation Awards $102,300 Research Grant to University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy to Evaluate the NCPDP/HL7 Specialty Medication Enrollment Standard

The NCPDP Foundation Board of Trustees announced it has awarded a $102,300 research grant to the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy to evaluate the quality of data obtained from EHRs using the NCPDP/HL7 Specialty Medication Enrollment Standard. The Standard provides for the exchange of patient demographic data, as well as coverage, prescription, and clinical data for pharmacy dispensing of specialty medications. It also facilitates enrollment of patients in programs offered by third parties such as hub vendors and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The research project aims to evaluate the frequency at which information received by specialty pharmacy from EHRs is populated; evaluate the quality of information received by specialty pharmacy from EHRs using a comprehensive evidence-based data quality framework; and evaluate the clinical usefulness of information received by specialty pharmacy. Read More.