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Board of Trustees

  • Mindy D. Smith, R.Ph.
    TabulaRasa Healthcare, Inc. Chair, NCPDP Foundation
  • Michael W. Bukach, R.Ph.
    President, MWBukach and Associates
    Vice Chair, NCPDP Foundation
  • Richard Klein Brook
    ChangeHealthcare Consultant
    Secretary/Treasurer, NCPDP
  • Alan K. Gardner, MBA
    RxResults, LLC
  • Chris Hogan, R.Ph., MBA
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Dale Chamberlain
    Gateway Pharmacy Consulting, LLC
  • Greg Pulido
  • Bruce Laughrey, R.Ph.
  • Lee Ann Stember
  • Michael J. McBride
    Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC
  • Michele Davidson, R.Ph.
    Walgreen Co.
  • Michelle R. Vancura
    CIGNA Pharmacy Management
  • Mike Satterfield
  • Pamela Schweitzer, Pharm.D.
    RADM (retired), USPHS
    Former Assistant Surgeon General
  • Thomas R. Bizzaro, R.Ph.
    FDB (Retired)

  • Charles D. Pulido, R.Ph.
    Board Member Emeritus
    Co-founder, NCPDP
  • Benjamin D. Ward, (1929-2017)
    Co-founder, NCPDP

  • J. W. Hill, MBAHCM, CNED
    Executive Director

Invest in the Movement to Improve
Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Health information technology (HIT) has the potential to make healthcare for you and your family safer and more effective. It transforms the way your care providers communicate with one another and with you to manage health.

Industry standards in HIT are essential for a connected healthcare system where everyone involved in a patient’s care can electronically exchange secure, accurate, complete, and timely patient health information. Use of those standards is sometimes mandated by law. Other times, it is voluntary and leads to underuse of valuable standards.

Your gift to the NCPDP Foundation supports research and pilot projects to drive widespread and proper use of standards in the electronic exchange of healthcare information. Proper use of standards improves patient safety, makes the healthcare system more efficient and helps you and your care providers make better informed healthcare decisions.

The NCPDP Foundation is the only Foundation with an exclusive focus on advancing the use of standards-based information technology for better healthcare.


Better healthcare through standards-based health information technology for the common good.


Support programs, projects and people that drive quality healthcare through the use of standards-based HIT to improve outcomes.

The NCPDP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is affiliated with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP). Approved by the NCPDP Board of Trustees, the Foundation was established in December 2012 to support research, education and charitable involvement within the healthcare industry.