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Research Priorities

Industry standards provide the foundational framework for an interoperable healthcare ecosystem. The NCPDP Foundation funds research to accelerate adoption and implementation of those standards. Among our top research priorities is identifying barriers to industry-wide adoption of the full functionality available in NCPDP industry standards, particularly standards for electronic prescribing (ePrescribing): the NCPDP SCRIPT and Formulary and Benefit Standards.

While Meaningful Use has spurred rapid adoption and implementation of ePrescribing, it has generally been limited to meeting only the minimum requirements of Meaningful Use. NCPDP’s ePrescribing standards provide robust capabilities for prescribers and pharmacists to access and share clinical information that can help improve the quality of patient care, patient safety and patient compliance with treatment regimens. A priority research project for NCPDP Foundation is to identify actionable information on the barriers to full implementation of the standard to move the needle on software and system vendor and provider adoption.

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