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About the Foundation
Health information technology (HIT) has the potential to make healthcare for you and your family safer and more effective. It transforms the way your care providers communicate with one another and with you to manage health. Your gift to the NCPDP Foundation will support research and pilot projects to drive the proper use of standards in HIT. It will also support scholarships that help the next generation of pharmacists become proficient in the use of HIT.
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Research Priorities
Industry standards provide the foundational framework for an interoperable healthcare ecosystem. The NCPDP Foundation funds research to accelerate adoption and implementation of those standards. Among our top research priorities is identifying barriers to industry-wide adoption of the full functionality available in NCPDP industry standards, particularly standards for electronic prescribing (ePrescribing): the NCPDP SCRIPT and Formulary and Benefit Standards.
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The NCPDP Foundation awarded $45,000 in scholarship funds and $2,000 in Honorarium funds in 2017, bringing the total to $94,000. The scholarship program provides support to students who are seeking to learn more about pharmacy’s role in information technology, and information technology’s role in improving patient safety and health outcomes.
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NCPDP Foundation Awards $40,000 in Scholarship Funds to Colleges of Pharmacy at Four Universities, and Awards $2,000 in Honorarium Funds

NCPDP Foundation has awarded $40,000 in scholarship funds to four university college of pharmacy programs across the country. The college of pharmacy at Butler University, South Dakota State University, Temple University and the University of Iowa each received $10,000 in student scholarship funds. The University of Florida and University of Maryland each received $1,000 to set up honorarium funds for future graduates of their programs. Read More

NCPDP Foundation Awards University of Arizona College of Pharmacy $10,000 in Student Scholarship Funds

NCPDP Foundation has awarded $10,000 in scholarship funds to College of Pharmacy students at the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy. This is the third year of the scholarship program and also the third year that the NCPDP Foundation has awarded scholarships to the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. Read More

IMS Health Study on Controlled Substance Misuse Underscores Importance of Clinical Intervention at Point of Prescribing

In 2016, NCPDP Foundation approached IMS Health to provide details of a study on controlled substance misuse to capture the effectiveness of PDMPs in curbing the opioid epidemic. The study was provided to NCPDP Foundation free of charge. The study demonstrates the complexities associated with PDMP use and the potential value of NCPDP’s clinical risk-based approach. Read More

NCPDP Foundation Awards Grant to Healthcare Ready

NCPDP Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant to Healthcare Ready, a nonprofit that works to assist in providing patient access to healthcare in the face of disaster and disease through collaboration with public health and healthcare. Read More